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At GCC, we pride ourselves on successful Boiler
and cooling tower treatment programs.
Our goal is to maintain the quality of the equipment, while utilizing
the most efficient dissipation of heat transfer.
  • Water treatment

    Effective water treatment often requires various...

About Us

About Gulf Chemicals Company (GCC)

GCC is a group of professional’s with more than 80 years of a combined experience in Europe and Saudi Arabian Chemical manufacturing and chemical formulation companies. Many researches, analyzing, and trials have been made to develop successful and wide range of water treatment chemicals for: Open & Closed Cooling Systems (Scale and Corrosion Inhibitors, Biocides, Antifoams & Bio dispersants). Steam Generation Boilers (Scale and Corrosion Inhibitors, Oxygen Scavengers.

Sludge Conditioners & Alkalinity Builders, and Anti-Foams).Thermal Desalination Plants (Scale Inhibitors and Anti-Foams). Reverse Osmosis Plants (Scale Inhibitors. Membrane Cleaners and Biocides), Waste Water Plants (Flocculants and Coagulants). Oil and Gas industry (Emulsion Breakers. Anti-Foams. Anti-Foul ants and other Additives). Power Plants (Scale and Corrosion Inhibitors. Oxygen Scavengers. Sludge Conditioners & Alkalinity Builders, and Anti-Foams).

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